Members’ Discount Registration

With this course, you will:

  1. Learn to practice mindfulness in your everyday work life;
  2. Find ways to have less stress, even if you’re busy;
  3. Find ways to deal mindfully with others, with less anger and annoyance;
  4. Learn simple methods you can practice regularly;
  5. Learn how habits are changed;
  6. Participate in a group challenge to stick to mindful habits;
  7. Be able to ask questions of other participants, and course instructors, and discuss the course;
  8. Attend two live video webinars with course instructors Robert Thomas and Leo Babauta, and be able to ask questions;
  9. Receive videos and articles from experienced Zen teachers;
  10. Learn about mindful emails, to-do lists, and meetings;
  11. Get a bonus: a free copy of Leo’s ebook, Focus.

The course starts May 5, 2013 and runs for four weeks.